To date, the stereoscopic video VENOMENON has been presented in a range of different set-ups. To convey the story in the best possible way according to the set-up possibilities, several new edits of image and audio have been completed.

1.) VENOMENON [The Prospect]
The single channel edit combines all possible versions of the story and is therefore very close to the open interpretation of the Greek myth.

2.) VENOMENON [The Choice]
The project was originally conceived for a 2-channel S3D installation with 2 opposing screens (ideally 4x3m each and 8 metre distance in between) and surround-speakers. In this set up, the viewer is encouraged to choose between the slightly different versions of the film.
Installation during the 3D Festival Beyond at ZKM Karlsruhe

Set up requirements:
A dark room, ideally 8 by 4 metre (27'*13'); 2 screens or walls, highly reflective, approximately 3 by 4 metre (10'*13') / 5 m (200") diagonal; 2 3D-capable FHD projectors, ceiling- or wall-mounted; 2 media-players (FHD/4K), 2 amps, 90W, 2 pairs of loudspeakers, 2 subwoofers; 5 pair of active 3D-glasses [e.g. Optoma ZD301], bench

VENOMENON [The Journey]
Panoramic screen such as the 15 metre long LED display, MAN Media Art Nexus or a cylindrical panoramic environment such as the WOW! Room Madrid or PanroamaLab at ZKM Karlsruhe.

VENOMENON [The Search]
The panoramic version features the endless search and approach to escape in the labyrinth which leads to the underworld. The 360° stereoscopic movie is optimised for panoramic environments and also accessible with VR devices such as Oculus Rift or equivalent portable VR device.

A version for auto-stereoscopic displays and lenticular prints is currently in development. The additional layer provides insight into the emotions and vital data of the protagonists.

Past Presentations
[The Search]
The 360° version was displayed at ZKM Karlsruhe during the Insonic 2015 festival, presented at ISEA Hong Kong, May 2016, and at V&A Digital Futures in London, July 2016
[The Choice]
The 2-channel version was for the first time installed as a preliminary set up during the 3D Festival Beyond 2016 at ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany, Gaffa gallery in Sydney 2017, Moving Images Festival, Amsterdam 2017, Ubervernacular Exhibition, ADM Gallery, Singapore 2018
[The Prospect]
2018 Night Festival Singapore, PSS Photographic Society Singapore, Selegie Art Centre
2018 EVA Berlin, Kulturforum Berlin
2018 Stereopsia, BOZAR Brussels
2019, Buddha International Film Festival, Pune, India
[The Journey]
2019 Panoramic Video Wall, 2017, Media MAN Nexus, NTU Singapore
2020 WOW! Room, Madrid, Spain